1. From Discovery to Manufacturing

    Fully integrated solution for phage product development

Services we offer

  • Research Services

    Help customers shorten timelines to development  stages of phage production;

    Phage isolation, host cell engineering and assay development;

    Provide research grade phage to support R&D efforts.

  • Process Development

    Accelerate your phage process development, boost phage yield and improve purity by using our stable and integrative platform.

  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing scale from 400ml up to 1000L, feasible to scale up;

    Established commercial GMP phage manufacturing facility  meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines.


PHAGE CDMO is a contract development and manufacturing company specialized in bacteriophage production. Our manufacturing site is strategically located in Hangzhou - the manufacturing hub in China.

PHAGE CDMO offers both non-GMP (up to 1000L) and cGMP (clinical material, up to 30L) production facilities to meet the demand of various application of phage products, including therapeutics, food and agriculture, veterinary, diagnostics, and bioprocess raw materials.


Reliable Services
to Expedite your products to commercial sale.

  • 24/7 facility with extremely short lead time

    Meet demanding timelines.

    Clear and accurate timeline planning and milestone tracking.

    Years of experience in project management to ensure that  your project precisely follows set timelines.

  • Saving your manufacturing cost (labor & material)

    World-class automatic system with 24h online monitoring dramatically reduces labor cost.

    Our highly experienced team will ensure the success of your manufacturing program.

  • Automatic fill finish in cGMP suite

    Aseptic filling operation

    Primary packaging and labeling

    Release testing and stability programs

  • Capability to develop a lyophilization cycle and scale up to GMP manufacturing

    Aseptic operation in C+A

    Deep understanding of cryoprotectant and excipient, shelf temperatures andvacuum ramp rates.

    Develop lyophilization cycle, scale up to cGMP manufacturing.

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